13 Car Accidents in Northwestern Montana due to Snow and Ice.

Drivers in the Great Falls region of Montana had to contend with treacherous conditions last weekend, as up to six inches of snow and sleet fell in many parts of the state. According to Great Falls Police, 13 motor vehicle accidents can be blamed directed on icy roadway buildup.

On Friday evening, light snow began to fall in parts of the state. By nighttime, the snowfall became steady and the snow began to accumulate. Roadways around Great Falls became covered in icy patches, with some road surfaces covered by dreaded “black ice.” Black ice refers to blacktop road surfaces covered by thin film of ice, invisible to the naked eye. Black is extremely dangerous, because driver’s do not notice the slick surface until they drive onto it. At that point, it may become too late for drivers to slow down to avoid a collision.

Sgt. Bryan Slavik, of the Great Falls Police, reported that 13 motor vehicle accidents took place over the weekend in the city. All of these accidents were caused, at least in part, by the extremely slick icy roadways. Sgt. Slavik further stated that people should not drive in such conditions, unless they absolutely have to get somewhere. There is no word on injuries from the car accidents.

Warmer temperatures in Montana this week are expected to melt the accumulation and the ice.

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