27-Year-Old Paraplegic Suing Oregon Ski Resort For Snowboarding Injuries Sustained in 2006.

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Aside from the holidays, which can be stressful, the winter season is sometimes hard to enjoy in New England.  A pessimist would say that between the artic-cold weather, and the increased congestion of traffic, the winter is hard to enjoy.  The other side of that coin, however, is a far more positive outlook. New England winters can be extremely enjoyable.  One common pastime for New Englanders, including those living in Massachusetts, is skiing.  Skiing and snowboarding are fun activities that allow people to take advantage of the cold, snowy weather.  There are, however, risks associated with skiing and snowboarding.  Many ski resorts have their patrons sign waivers that essentially eliminate a person’s right to sue in the case of an injury.

Just recently, an Oregon ski resort was sued by a 27-year-old man named Myles Bagley who had been snowboarding on Mt. Bachelor.  On February 16, 2006, he was 18 years old.  That day, he was paralyzed from the waist down when he fell off a jump at the Mt. Bachelor terrain park.   After recovering from his accident, Myles and his family filed a lawsuit against the Mt. Bachelor ski resort for $21.5 million. 

This lawsuit is unique because the court ruled that the liability waiver on the back of the lift ticket didn’t translate to the loss of his right to sue, even if the cause of his injuries was the resort’s negligence.  The resort’s attorneys contended that skiers and snowboarders knowingly take part in a voluntary and potentially dangerous activity, and thus bear the risk of injury. The court, however, held that not all of the responsibility of safety should fall on skiers, snowboarders and other members of the public who engage in inherently risky activities.  The court reasoned that business owners must also accept some responsibility  and keep their facilities as safe as possible.  Attorney Art Johnson represented the plaintiff in this case.

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