Dog Walking Results in Higher Chances of Slip and Fall Incidents During the Wintertime.

An Ann Arbor, Michigan researcher recently reported that there is an increased risk of slip and fall injury incidents for those who walk their dog in the winter.

According to Lorrie Shaw, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, those who walk their dogs in the winter have a significantly higher chance of sustaining personal injuries from slip and fall accidents. Because it is challenging to walk on snowy and icy surfaces, having a dog leash and a potentially strong dog to control can make walking on these types of surfaces even more difficult and dangerous.

It is important for people to act accordingly, and to wear items that will protect them from these types of slip and fall accidents.  People who will be walking their dogs should wear boots with good traction.  Also, they should ensure that their dogs are well-trained before they take their dogs on long distance walks or in areas where walking is more challenging. If an untrained dog becomes unruly, it becomes dangerous for all people around the animal.

Some specific ideas to make dog walking safer include buying a harness, and using a traditional leash until you feel comfortable enough using a retractable leash.  Simply put, it is a good idea, to help avoid snow and ice accidents, to keep in mind that dog walking will make already dangerous walking conditions even more difficult.

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