Dozens of Passengers Injured in Connecticut Bus Accident Due to Snow.

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Buses are essential for transportation in a developed, metropolitan area.  Buses carry us across state lines, transport daily commuters to work, and quite commonly, are the mode of transportation for the vast majority of students going to and from school. Due to the number of passengers and lack of mobility, bus accidents can result in more injuries and more wrongful deaths than a standard motor vehicle. According to statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1,392 people died and over 75,000 were injured in Massachusetts bus accidents between the years of 2004 and 2008.

Recently, in Connecticut, a bus accident sent thirty people to the hospital.  The bus was traveling on Interstate 95 when increased snowfall made the road more and more difficult to navigate.  The bus was a Dahlia tour bus carrying approximately seventy passengers from New York City; the bus was on its way to the Mohegan Sun casino. The bus never arrived, however, as it crashed while in Connecticut due to the snowy conditions.  While many of the bus’s passengers were relatively unharmed, according to, a Yale-New Haven Hospital spokesman says that hospital officials received 30 patients, six of whom were listed in critical condition. The simple act of driving while it was snowing, in this instance, put over thirty people in the hospital.  This is demonstrative of the inherent risks that come with buses, and why their drivers must always use the greatest amount of care possible.

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