Extreme Snowboarder’s Body Recovered From Mount Hood, Oregon By Volunteer Crew.

On August 4th, 2013, a crew of local volunteers had to dig for hours through rock-hard ice and packed snow to reach the body of 25 year-old snowboarder Collin Backowski.

Backowski, a snowboard camp instructor from Pines, Colorado, was snowboarding with some friends on the White River Glacier in Mount Hood, Oregon. Backowski was attempting to navigate an ice tunnel, when an enormous chunk of ice separated from the tunnel and collapsed on top of Backowski. The rescuers speculate that Backowski died upon impact.

Christopher Van Tilburg, a local doctor and a member of the rescue team, stated that the snowboarders were riding in a dangerous area of the mountain, filled with ice and rock crevasses, icy pathways, and the ever-present danger of avalanches. Van Tilburg further described the difficulties that the rescue team encountered in stabilizing the treacherous summer mountain environment, before cutting through huge blocks of snow and ice with chainsaws and shovels to reach Backowski’s body. The members of the rescue team were not injured in the course of the recovery effort.

Backowski’s friends were able to escape without serious personal injuries, although two of them were trapped under snow for a short while before finally escaping. Backowski’s friends and family were distraught at the news of his death from this tragic snow and ice accident.

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