Hikers Caught in Hurricane Sandy Snow.

Logbooks from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park indicate that at least 50 hikers were on the mountains when snow from Hurricane Sandy hit. These hikers have apparently yet to leave the mountain, raising fears that some may be suffering from snow and ice personal injuries.

Many hikers anticipated the snow after reading weather reports. They came prepared with snow poles, warm clothing, heavy tents and boots.  Emergency crews are on alert, however, as some may have been caught by the storm unaware.

Locals reported that just two days before the snowstorm hit, it was 80 degrees on the mountain, and hikers were sweating and climbing in shorts.  Temperatures dropped drastically in just a few days, though, and some areas experienced sudden snowfalls of up to 8 inches.

So far, no personal injuries have been reported as a result of the snowfall.

The Great Smoky Mountains are located near the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.

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