Hubway Test-Run Will Tackle Winter Conditions in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The transportation officials of Boston, Massachusetts, who oversee Hubway, the regional bicycle-sharing system, announced this past Tuesday, November 19, 2013, that Hubway docking stations will remain open in Cambridge for the first time this winter.

Hubway has grown to be a very popular method of commute for residents of Cambridge, Boston, Somerville and Brookline who work in and around the city. The easy to use docking stations and low rates have made the bicycle sharing program a big success. However, the fierce Massachusetts winter forces the Hubway to shut down every year starting in late November and remain closed for the winter months. This year, the Hubway docking stations in Somerville, Brookline and Boston shut down on Monday, November 18.

Cambridge residents will notice, however, that the Cambridge docking stations are still open. The city’s transportation manager, Cara Seiderman, stated that the Hubway plans to keep the Cambridge docking stations open and available for use throughout this winter in a test run of whether Hubway can handle being open in the winter with sufficient use and without large number of snow and ice accidents.

Out of the 27 bicycle docking stations in Cambridge, one in Lafayette Square will be closed and another in Lechmere will be moved to the sidewalk. Cambridge appears to be the ideal location for the pilot program, because most of its docking stations are located on sidewalks rather than roads. Depending on the success and safety of this pilot program, this year-long operation may be tested in Brookline, Boston and Somerville next winter.

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