Late Spring Snowstorm Leaves Residents of Northeastern United States and Europe in Shock.

The commemorations and remembrances of the Memorial Day weekend are synonymous with sunshine, warmth, the beach, and in the worst case, a light rain shower. The 2013 Memorial Day weekend, however, has shattered all expectations as snowstorms in northeastern United States and Europe dumped, in some cases, up to three feet of snow.

Residents of parts of New York, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire expecting the “unofficial start of summer,” as Memorial Day is often termed, were in for a rude awakening on May 26-28. Snowstorms and freezing weather in the US and in parts of Europe combined to create winter wonderlands with up to three feet of snow recorded in Whiteface Mountain in New York, in Churwalden, Switzerland and Navarra, Spain. England has registered the lowest temperatures and largest snowfalls in 30 years this past weekend.

The United States Weather Service and Climate Central are attributing the late spring snow and ice phenomena to the unusual sinuosity of the major jet streams. The shape of the jet streams is trapping cold air and cold water currents in places where warm air and water usually prevail at this time of the year.

Weather and climate experts expect the summertime warmth to return quickly in the United States, while parts of Europe may still see some cold temperatures and snow and ice precipitation over the next few weeks.

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