Man Survives 100 Foot Fall in New Hampshire Mountains.

22 year-old Patrick Luk was hiking up Mount Adams in New Hampshire last week so that he could ski down the mountain when a slab of ice that he was on broke.

Luk fell 100 feet down the mountain. Miraculously, Luk survived, but he sustained serious personal injuries to his knee in addition to significant bruising and scratching on his face. Since he couldn’t stand up, Luk slid further down the mountain on his back. Luk then crawled for hours to get back to his car.

New Hampshire State Fish and Game Officers began to search for Luk when he did not arrive home on time. They found Luk only once he made it back to his car. Luk was then rushed by ambulance to a local hospital emergency room.

Wayne Saunders, the New Hampshire State Fish and Game Lieutenant stated that he was impressed with how far Luk traveled considering his injuries and the cold weather conditions.

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