Manhattan Man Secures $215,000 Settlement After Slipping and Falling On Ice.

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For many people, winter is a joyful time.  The winter months bring holidays and many occasions to gather with friends and family.  Flakes of snow, though miniscule on their own, come together to form a shimmering blanket, enveloping the landscape and ushering in a new year for all to be hopeful for.  This “reset button” is a beautiful and natural part of the changing seasons, especially in the northern regions of the United States.

To be sure, however, winter poses its fair share of risks.  Frigid temperatures and snow drifts make traveling a nightmare on occasion.  And from a legal standpoint, there are definite risks posed by unkempt properties during the winter months.  Accumulation of snow and ice place people at significant risk of serious injury.  Slipping and falling on ice is the cause of many personal injury lawsuits.

In a recent case, a 43-year-old Manhattan, New York man named Vincent Curley was working at a construction site on Staten Island.  On January 6, 2010, Mr. Curley was working at the Ward’s Island Water Pollution Control Plant under the employment of the J.P Hogan Coring and Sawing Corporation.  While walking in an area between parked supply trucks and sewage trucks, Mr. Curley slipped and fell on a patch of ice.  He had been helping to set up work for the start of the day.

According to his attorney, Mr. Curley suffered a tear in the meniscus of his right knee, which required surgery.  His injuries also prevented him from working for a significant amount of time.  In an effort to recover damages, Mr. Curley sued the Silverite Construction Company, the general contractor. The complaint, filed in the St. George, New York Supreme Court, alleges that Silverite had allowed an unsafe condition to exist which caused Mr. Curley to be injured. Just recently, Mr. Curley settled his claim with Silverite’s insurance carrier for $215,000, plus an additional $112,000 in workers compensation benefits.

Slip and fall accidents are often compensable in the eyes of the law because of the simple fact that they are often preventable.  Contractors, such as construction companies, owe a duty to their workers to maintain a reasonably safe worksite.  When these companies fail to eliminate potential hazards, they may be held liable for any injuries or lasting effects that follow.

If you or a loved one have fallen and suffered a snow or ice-related injury, you may be entitled to significant money damages.  For a free and confidential consultation regarding your potential claim, please contact our Boston, MA snow and ice accident attorneys.  We will work efficiently and effectively in pursuing your claim.  Your needs are our top priority!

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