Massachusetts Man Dies after Snow and Ice Accident Involving Plow Truck.

William Lozeau, 50, of Norton, Massachusetts recently passed away after suffering extensive personal injuries in a snow and ice accident involving a snow plow.

Lozeau was driving on West Main Street in Norton, near the Norton middle school, when his car veered into oncoming traffic, striking a snow plow truck that was travelling in the opposite direction.

The snow plow truck was being driven by George Guptill, 48, of Cumberland, Rhode Island. He was evaluated after the truck crash, but the Norton Police decided not to cite Guptill in the motor vehicle accident.

Lozeau was transported to the Sturdy Memorial Hospital emergency room in Attleboro, Massachusetts, where he was shortly pronounced dead.

Police investigators from the state and the town of Norton are looking into the cause of the tragic Massachusetts snow and ice auto accident.

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