Massachusetts Man Struck By Falling Ice in Downtown Crossing in Boston.

A Boston man was struck by falling ice in Downtown Crossing back in February and had to be rushed to an area hospital’s emergency room after he went into cardiac arrest.

According to a witness who called paramedics to the scene of the snow and ice accident, the man was walking in Downtown Crossing on a mild winter day as snow and ice began to melt. The caller indicated that the man was struck by a falling icicle, collapsed and became unconscious.

Jennifer Mehigan, spokeswoman for the Boston Emergency Medical Services, said that paramedics responded to Bromfield Street and found the man, who had gone into cardiac arrest following the unfortunate snow and ice accident.

The man, whose identity was not released, was transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital emergency room where physicians provided expert medical treatment and saved the personal injury victim’s life.

Mehigan stated that as the weather becomes milder, melting snow and ice can pose significant hazards to pedestrians. Icicles and falling snow and ice chunks from buildings can be especially dangerous.

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