Massachusetts to Use New Brine Maker to Help Prevent Snow and Ice Accidents.

Massachusetts officials have announced that they are using a new brine-making machine this year in an attempt to cut costs as they fight ice and snow on Massachusetts highways and sidewalks. 

The specially formulated brine is spread on problem areas, such as bridges, before winter weather hits in order to prevent snow and ice from building up and creating slip and fall, snow and ice accident injury hazards.

In the past, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (“MassDOT”) had purchased the brine from a retailer.  MassDOT says its new $160,000 brine machine, named BrineXtreme, should pay for itself by bringing down the cost of brine from 55 cents a gallon to 16 cents a gallon while also giving MassDOT a ready supply of brine.

MassDOT hopes the BrineXtreme will help them prevent the numerous snow and ice injuries they see every year from slips and falls on snowy Massachusetts walkways.

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