Massive 50-Car Pileup Kills Three.

Although it’s March, winter weather still seems to be wreaking havoc across the United States. Three people were killed, and many more injured, Wednesday afternoon when a 50-car pileup occurred in the Great Lakes Region of Ohio.

The chain reaction 50-car pileup stretched for 2 miles, covering both the west and eastbound lanes of the Ohio Turnpike with crash vehicles. At least three people were killed in the crash, although their identities have not been released. The deadly accident occurred in the aftermath of a winter storm that covered the region in ice and snow. The white out conditions certainly contributed to the crash—and two others that occurred in other parts of Ohio the same day. In Shoreway, drivers were stuck in a 15-car collision, while a 20-car collision occurred in the opposite lane of that same highway later that night.

It took law enforcement more than four hours to clear the 50-car pileup. A state trooper was also severely injured in the crash, having been pinned between two vehicles. Although the 29-year-old officer was transported to the hospital, he will recover from his injuries.

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