Medford, Massachusetts Teenager Found Two Days After Going Missing on Sugarloaf Mountain.

17 year-old Nicholas Joy, of Medford, Massachusetts, was discovered yesterday by rescue crews at the Sugarloaf Mountain ski resort in Maine. The rescue of Joy happened two days after the teen had gone missing while on a ski trip with his father.

According to the Maine Warden’s Service, Joy built a makeshift snow cave to live in during his two-day ordeal. He was discovered Tuesday morning after he followed the sound and tracks of passing snowmobiles.

Joy went missing while skiing with his father this past Sunday morning and was last seen at around 1 p.m.

Following his rescue, Joy was taken to a nearby hospital to receive precautionary medical treatment for snow and ice related injuries.

The rescue crew was comprised of Navy SEALS, Marines, Border Patrol officers and volunteer mountain rescue teams. They had been searching for Joy since his disappearance on Sunday.

Joy stated that, in order to stay alive, he applied skills acquired from watching wilderness survival reality television shows, including building a shelter made from snow.  Joy’s reality television skills paid dividends, as he appears to have sustained no serious personal injuries although he was cold and hungry at the time of his rescue.

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