New York Woman Receives $4M in Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Accident.

A Staten Island, New York jury has awarded Loreley Pereyra Pollack almost $4.1 million this week in a slip and fall lawsuit against a Greniteville, Staten Island condominium development’s managing agent and its contractor. The damages included $2.6 million collectively for future pain and suffering, and medical and rehabilitation needs.

According to Pollack, she slipped and fell at the Holiday Villas condominiums at around 6 p.m. on January 11, 2009, because the facility had failed to remove the ample snow and ice that had accumulated outside the building. Pollack had left her apartment unit to visit a neighbor when she slipped on the approximately two inches of snow and ice that coated the steps leading from her patio to the walkway.

Snow had fallen the day before and there was some freezing rain the morning of January 11th that created a very slippery sheet of ice on her patio and the apartment walkway. Under the apartment building’s bylaws, the Holiday Villas Homeowners Association and its managing agent, Community Management Association, were responsible for removing snow and ice at the facility. They had hired Florite Maintenance Corporation to clear the snow and ice from the streets, sidewalks and walkways, all the way up to the resident’s front doors, as the condominium bylaws require.

Pollack, now 59, her husband, and a neighbor across the street testified that the contractor had done a very sloppy job removing snow. The ice on the patio had not been salted or sanded and hardly any snow had been removed from Pollack’s patio and steps.

Pollack sustained multiple spinal fractures in the slip and fall accident. Pollack underwent surgery for her slip and fall injuries. Physicians disclosed that Pollack will be disabled and suffer chronic pain for the rest of her life. She is unable to perform simple tasks that require lifting, prolonged walking, sitting or standing.

The jury panel, in New York Supreme Court, St. George County, found Community Management Association 75% liable and Florite Maintenance Corporation 25% liable for the snow and ice accident that caused Pollack’s injuries.

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