Snow and Ice Cause Dallas Cowboy’s Football Stadium to Collapse and Injure Six.

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Winter can be a wonderful time of year. The beauty and fun of new snow, skiing, hot chocolate and the rush of a cool breeze are all positives of the season. However, as most New England residents know, snow also has its downsides: black ice, shoveling, increased car accidents, and more personal injuries. At least in Massachusetts, residents and officials are used to dealing with snow and ice. This was not the case for the Dallas Cowboy’s football stadium in Arlington, Texas.

In 2011, Texas received an unusual snowfall, covering the top of the Cowboy’s football stadium in several feet of snow. It started to accumulate so much that a portion of the stadium actually collapsed in on itself. Fortunately, no one was inside or injured when this occurred, but the other half of the stadium had a large chunk of snow fall off onto the walkway below. In that instance, six people were hit and injured by the falling snow. Several people were rushed to the hospital for multiple neck and shoulder injuries. Lawsuits are pending.

Snow may appear to be light or non-problematic, but it can add hundreds and thousands of pounds to the top of a structure, and can be severely harmful under certain circumstances.

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