Speed And Icy Roadway Conditions Contribute To Single-Car Collision.

Five people were injured in a sing-car crash in Lebanon, Maine last month when the driver lost control of his vehicle. Police believe speed and icy roadway conditions may have contributed to the crash.

According to police, the driver lost control of her vehicle while traveling on a road with nearly 2-inches of packed snow. The vehicle collided with several snow banks before hitting a three-foot tree stump. The crash ripped the stump out of the ground, roots and all, and sent it flying 50 feet through the air. The car rolled several times off-road before coming to a halt upside down.

The 18-year-old driver, Kare Pimental, was taken to the trauma unit of Maine Medical center in Portland for head pain. She and the 18-year-old front-seat passenger were both released after treatment. The three backseat passengers, aged 19, 19, and 22, were also treated for minor injuries. In light of the dangerous crash, and the fact that none of the five passengers were buckled at the time of the collision, they are all extremely lucky to have walked away with only minor injuries.

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