State Proposes Legislation Requiring Trucks to Remove Snow.

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Winter can be a wonderful and invigorating time of the year.  The beauty and fun of new snow, skiing, hot chocolate, and the rush of a cool breeze are all positives of the season. However, as most New England residents know, snow also has its downsides: black ice, shoveling, increased car accidents, and, in general, more personal injuries.

One way that snow and ice can increase the likelihood for serious personal injuries is by making driving conditions more hazardous.  Snow can decrease a driver’s visibility, make it more difficult to stop or turn, and falling debris can result in a collision or serious injury.  To combat some of these risks, many states have put the responsibility on the driver to decrease their risk to others. One of the main ways this is done is by requiring drivers to remove snow and ice from their vehicle before going onto the road.  Falling snow debris from a car, or particularly a large truck, can pose a serious risk of injury to other drivers, especially when traveling at high speeds.

That is why legislators in Pennsylvania have proposed a new bill that would penalize drivers who fail to remove snow and ice from the top of their vehicle.  According to, the bill would allow fines from $25 to $75. Several states impose fines that are much higher. In New Jersey, fines can be up to $1,500 for commercial vehicles.  It is crucial, when driving in the winter, that you are not only aware of your own safety and risks, but also the safety and wellbeing of other drivers on the road.

It is every driver’s duty to act in a safe and considerate manner. If you been injured by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries.  Please call us 24/7 at 617-787-3700 or email us at for your free and private consultation.  Your needs are our top priority!

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