Super Bowl Worker Sues Dallas Cowboys for Falling Snow and Ice Injuries, Recovers Settlement of Roughly $7.2 Million

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In the cold winter months, many northern regions of the U.S. experience severe weather conditions that often include snow and ice.  When accumulation of these elements reaches a certain level, it may pose a serious threat to the safety of those in the area.  Sidewalks and parking lots are common surfaces on which slip and fall accidents frequently occur, and landowners are responsible for keeping them safe for use.   In other instances, melting snow or ice can fall from rooftops and cause very serious injuries, such as head trauma, to those standing below.  It then becomes the duty of the property owner to remove snow and ice from the roof to prevent any traumatic injury to passersby.  In a recent publicized case, a Super Bowl XLV worker reached an estimated $7.2 million settlement with the Dallas Cowboys after suffering injuries from snow and ice that slid off of the room of AT&T Stadium.

While helping to prepare the Cowboys’ stadium for the Super Bowl festivities, the victim, among several other workers standing below, was struck in the head by ice and snow that had accumulated on the roof.  When the temperature rose, the wintery mixture had begun to melt and slid off of the roof of the stadium. The collision caused a major skull fracture and permanent hearing loss.  An audiologist testified that the resulting nerve damage had caused a severe ringing in his ears that was roughly 75 to 100 decibels, or the rough equivalent of a leaf blower.  Although mediation between the victim and the Dallas Cowboys ultimately failed, the two sides managed to reach an agreeable settlement figure of roughly $7.2 million.

In this case and many like it, there is a failed duty on behalf of the landowner/entity to ensure that the premisesis completely safe from falling chunks of ice and snow.  Even in warmer, southern regions where snow accumulation is rare, there is an expectation that property owners will take certain measures to prevent such accidents from taking place.  In Massachusetts and other northern parts of the U.S., that expectation is intensified due to the harsher winters and frequent buildup of snow and ice.  If you or your loved one has been injured in a falling snow or ice accident, contact our Boston, MA snow and ice accident personal injury lawyers who will work strenuously to make sure that you are well compensated for your financial troubles.  Your needs are our top priority!

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