Vermont Driver Struck In The Head By Ice Grateful Injuries Weren’t Worse.

Everybody wants to be safe on the road. But what feeling safe on the road means may differ from season to season. During the summer months, a driver may need to check their tires for proper tread in case bad weather occurs and the roads become slippery. During the winter months, safety may mean removing all snow and ice from your vehicle before beginning to drive. In the trucking industry, everything is about time and money. Truck drivers may only stop for a few minutes before getting back out on the road. This can potentially cause problems, especially in the winter when snow and ice buildup can be common. The potential for some of that snow and ice to fly off a truck and strike another vehicle becomes even more likely when traveling at high speeds across our highways, as so many truckers do.

A Vermont driver was struck in the head last winter when a chunk of ice flew off the top of a passing truck and smashed through her windshield. Celeste Brasseur, 35, of Charlotte, Vermont, says that she is extremely grateful her injuries weren’t worse. Ms. Brasseur was taken to the ER where she needed stitches. Police investigators said her SUV was hit by ice this past winter on Route 7 in Charlotte, Vermont. A chunk of ice apparently broke off the top of a tractor trailer heading in the opposite direction. The collision forced her off the road and caused cuts to her face.

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