Woman In Burlington, MA Almost Killed by Falling Ice.

Property owners must take reasonable care to prevent injuries on their property from snow and ice. This often requires property owners to properly shovel and clear sidewalks immediately in front of their building, but in some instances, also maintain a safe roof. While a homeowner’s driveway and walkway may be the primary focus when shoveling, it is also crucial that owners do not allow excessive amounts of snow or ice to form on their rooftops. If snow or ice accumulates, it can suddenly fall off a roof, causing serious physical injuries to anyone below.

A woman in Burlington, Massachusetts was alarmingly reminded of this when she narrowly escaped an eight inch thick slab of ice that fell off her roof. The woman, who has asked to not have her identity revealed, pulled into her driveway one evening when a massive sheet of ice came crashing down. She told wcvb.com that the ice, which weighed several hundred pounds, destroyed her vehicle. The car’s windshield was bent inwards, the hood received severe damage, and the side mirrors were completely stripped off.

The woman was take to the Lahey Clinic emergency room for minor injuries, but was able to return home later that night. Doctors told her that if the ice had shifted slightly, or if she was standing outside of her car when the ice fell, she would have most likely died. While the woman was fortunately able to walk away with little injury, most pedestrians are not protected by a car, and can be seriously injured by falling ice. If someone is injured by falling ice, they may be able to bring a civil lawsuit against the property owner to recover for their personal injuries.

If you have been harmed by falling ice or snow, contact our experienced Boston snow and ice injury attorneys to discuss your next possible steps to help compensate you for any injuries or expenses you have incurred. Call us 24/7 at 617-787-3700. 

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